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Free IELTS Test Preparation

Would you like help to reach band 7 or higher in IELTS?

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Hi, and welcome to my free IELTS test preparation site. You will find preparation materials organised by topic, and by skill, with IELTS style listening, reading, speaking and writing questions and model answers, information and advice, exercises and activities, as well as key topic vocabulary which can help you reach above band 7. All materials were prepared by me, an IELTS trainer with 15 years of teaching experience, and over 10 years experience preparing candidates for IELTS.

The materials on this site are aimed at intermediate to advanced English students (bands 5 - 7) who want to reach the top bands (7 - 9) in IELTS.

All model answers use British English, with topic specific vocabulary and correct collocations. You can be confident that the language used is natural, and appropriate for band 8 - 9 IELTS answers.


Everything You Need to Know About the IELTS Test

As you may already know, the IELTS test is divided into 4 parts. Below you'll find information on each part of the test, with links to further information, IELTS style questions, model answers, and exercises and activities.

Prepare for IELTS with Practice Questions

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